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Hi Reality Games Team!

Thanks for visiting, here's a curated list of projects that I think you'd find interesting!

I've functioned as a game designer and level designer in all of these projects. The links have more information.

Fool Me Thrice- A social, multiplayer trivia game that fights misinformation by encouraging playing with fake news. I'm particularly proud of the keyword based assistive fake news writing mechanic used in the game.


I thought you'd find this especially interesting since news (real world data) would ideally be drawn in through APIs of news platforms and the additional gameplay happens around that data

Paladin Studios Internship - I'm currently doing my internship with Paladin Studios in the Netherlands. While the project can't be disclosed since it's only nearing release, I've been working as a level designer making 2D levels using existing mechanics to create a new installment based on a top performing mobile IP.

TV Magic (VR) - A unique 3D/2D 'game-within-a-game' puzzle platformer for VR and PC. The game features some retro goodness, classic platforming and a meta-narrative. This game is the graduation project for my Master's Degree.


DJ Loopman! - A wholesome 2D music-production beat-em-up where you chase and strike rowdy intruments to make music! This unique take on the rhythm game genre was selected as Student Game Of The Year at The India GDC Awards 2020.  

Do you want to see more projects? You can find all of them on my homepage.


Amar Ravi


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