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NETFLIX Nailed It: Baking Bash

A multiplayer party game like no other! 

"Host a party for your pals to see who creates the best-looking – or worst-looking – cakes in this game based on the hit series. Welcome to the most frantic and creative baking competition. Grab a group of friends and see who can best re-create the game’s edible masterpieces."

Excerpt from: Paladin Studios 


Role(s) and Responsibilities

I was one of the two game designers on the project, coordinating with the game director and lead designer. As a generalist designer my focus was on multiple aspects of the project, for the last update of the project, I was functioning as the sole designer on it

Prototyping Mechanics

  • Prototyped new minigames in Unity and took them to production version in coordination with Tech and Art 


Content Design

  • Designed cakes (levels) in coordination with the art-team to have cakes that look good as well as play good!

    • Had to balance tech complexity due to the free-form nature of the game while ensuring that the cakes looked interesting enough and offered players creativity in how they approached them 

System Design

  • Multiplayer system design to increase social engagement between players ​​

    • ​Touchpoints in Multiplayer to increase inter-player interactions, introducing aspects like sabotaging other players and allowing for rubber-banding

Live Operations Design

  • Add features to improve and match player expectations of the unique gameplay

  • Difficulty balancing of minigames to reduce player drop-outs

  • Optimize level selection to ensure players are shown the "best" levels the most 

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