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DJ Loopman

A wholesome music production beat-em-up!

Try it out yourself!


DJ Loopman is a unique take on the rhythm game genre, combining the timed-tapping mechanic the genre is known for with beat-em-up gameplay and music production loop logic

It was selected as the 'Student Game Of The Year' at The India Game Developer Conference Awards 2020 , India's biggest conference for games


It was originally conceived during the 2 day game jam - Ludum Dare 47 with my classmate and friend Joe Sujin

I was responsible for the Game Design, Game FeelPrototyping and Gameplay Programming of the game


Abstracted a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) interface that puts players in the shoes of a music producer. This was prototyped using Unity's built in collisions, events and the audio manager



Designed and implemented an easy to understand, gameplay centric tutorial that introduced the game systems and goals to the player in incremental steps


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