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A procedurally generated contact tracing puzzle

5 world leaders foolishly held an in-person emergency meeting during the corona pandemic. 

Our president has been INFECTED and we KNOW its ONE of the OTHER leaders


Go through video footage and use state of the art virus testing to find out who was patient  ZERO.  


The virus spreads through droplets, and a person can get infected by  coming in contact with infected people and objects

Try the prototype HERE

Systemic Puzzle Design

Level Generation

  • Each level is generated systemically

  • The target for each level is the same - Mr. President

  • The index patient is assigned on random and then the leaders move around and carry out their behaviors till the target is infected

  • The behavior of each leader is governed by their needs and corresponding actions

    • Hunger - Eat food when hunger reaches a limit

    • Thirst - Drink water when thirst reaches a limit

    • Work - Go make a call when work reaches a limit

    • Boredom - Speak to the closest leader when boredom reaches a limit

  • If all needs are met, the leader moves in a random direction​, 

  • The infection spreads whenever an un-infected person/object is near an infected object/person

  • The rate of depletion of each need is varied for different leaders, leading to unique combinations in each run

  • The level can be made dynamically more difficult or easy by varying the number of objects and people in the room

Player Mechanics

  • Go through recording (slider) - from the beginning of the meeting till the time of infection of target

  • Test (click) - Use a testing kit to check if the object/person is infected at that point in time

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