TV Magic VR

Play the game within the game in this VR puzzle platformer

So  There's a new "magic" console out, it apparently let's you go "into" the game?

You mean like... VR?

Well, It's a little confusing.

TV Magic VR is a unique puzzle platformer where throwing things at the TV is the recommended way to play!

Try the demo HERE (Currently playable only on Oculus Rift/Quest)

Under Development for PCVR and Oculus Quest


TV Magic VR was made during a 7 day VR Game Jam, the concept was based on our non-VR prototype which was made for and won the 'New Perspectives' category at the first online version of the annual Nordic Game Jam (2020)

The non-VR prototype is playable here

Some love from the r/OculusQuest Community

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