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Wayward Shoals (Unreleased)

Unleash your inner dog and solve this surreal Mystery

A mystery adventure game where you play as Rascal, an energetic and inquisitive dog. Joined by your human companion Matilda, you’ll embark on a supernatural journey that will take you through the mysterious islands of Wayward Shoals.

It was a key part of Paladin's move towards their own IP but had to cease development due to studio closure

Role(s) and Responsibilities

Wayward Shoals was a very close project to my heart - I pitched the original idea of "Dog Detective" during one of Paladin's internal game jams and developed it all the way to a publisher demo, it was an enriching experience for me, as well as the studio in general to approach something so different.


It was a project where I could really tap into my generalist designer skillsets and wear multiple hats - as we were making quite a chunky demo with a fairly lean team

Lead Design

  • For a portion of the project, I got to dip my toes into a 'lead' role - aligning the team on a game vision, creating design blueprints on building interactions etc.  

    • I shifted focus later on as the scope of the project increased and I had more personal contributions 

Prototyping Mechanics

  • Prototyping "dog" mechanics and interactions of the game

  • Priorotizing prototypes and finalizing the core mechanic-set of the game in consultation with the game director

Mission Design

  • Script and implement interactive NPC behavior using in-house tools

  • Designed quests of various types with varying scales of risk/reward

  • Balancing Matilda's (the owner) involvement to enhance the feeling of being"dynamic detective duo" without getting in the players way 

Open World / Mission System Design

  • Designed a open-and-close framework that balances "openness" and narrative coherence


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