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Hi! I'm Amar Ravi, an experienced game designer with an intuition-first, research-refined and play-validated approach towards determining what’s “fun” in games. I’m excited about solving novel challenges in game design across F2P and premium games through designing mechanics, levels, and systems

I'm based in the Hague, the Netherlands where I live with my wife and son


Wayward Shoals (unreleased)

2023, Paladin Studios

A key part of Paladin Studios efforts at own IP - A mystery adventure where you play Rascal the dog and solve a paranormal mystery with your friend Matilda! I pitched the original concept for the game and worked on mechanics, mission design and open world system design 

Nailed it : Baking Bash

2022, Paladin Studios

A baking multiplayer party game like no other based on Netflix's hit show Nailed It!  I worked on mechanics, multiplayer systems and level and content design

Cut The Rope Remastered

2021, Paladin Studios

A glorious 3D remaster of the legendary Cut the Rope puzzle game, released exlcusively on Apple Arcade! I primarily contributed as a Level Designer.


TV Magic VR

2020, 4 months

A unique VR/2D puzzle platformer where you play a game within a game and interact with your platformer like never before! Winner of the first online Nordic Game Jam 2020

DJ Loopman

2020, 1 Week

A wholesome music-production beat-em-up where you chase and strike rowdy intruments to make music! This unique take on the rhythm game genre was selected as Student Game Of The Year at The India GDC Awards 2020.  

Fool Me Thrice

2019, 6 weeks

A gamified, social platform that fights against misinformation by encouraging people to play with fake news and through it, provides a new way to consume news!


2019, 3 weeks

A direction based horizontal stacking hyper-casual game for mobile. In each level, players build a domino sculpture piece by piece and watch them tumble after


2020, 2 Days

A procedurally generated puzzle game created for a Game Jam with the theme of 'Invisible Enemy'. You play the role of an investigator tasked with contact-tracing the virus to find the index patient who infected your president. 

Can I Get A Selfie?

2020, 2 Days

An action/puzzle game created for a GMTK 2020 Jam with the theme of 'Out Of Control'. Protect the celebrity from hordes of fans using barricades, ropes and.. your fist.

Whats Your Story?

2019, 3 weeks

A modular approach to interactive narrative design. It focuses on creating unique narratives for players while reducing effort in custom content creation

Catch That Cat!

2019, 3 Weeks

An asymmetrical board game for 2 where one player controls 3 humans and the other controls a Cat set on making their lives hell!


2019, 1 week

An audio game where you take on the role of the telephone operator at Motel Nowhere,the game has no visuals and can be played entirely with space and numpad. I worked on fine tuning the concept, technical design and level design in this project


2019, 1 Week

A multiplayer couch co-op game where players tend to a garden of beastly plants to provide their overlords with fruits. A lot of confusion, a lot of shouting, a lot of fun!



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