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TV Magic VR

Play the game within the game in this unique 3D/2D puzzle platformer for VR and PC

Oculus Quest



SideQuest Stats



Oculus Quest 



~40 minutes



A unique 2D/3D "game-within-a-game" puzzle platformer for VR and PC. Players find themselves in an abandoned warehouse playing a mysterious “magic” console, using real objects around them to help their 2D self in the game. 


I was responsible for Game Design, Level Design, Production, Programming and Game Direction

In a Hurry? Watch Gameplay Footage​!

  • Key Mechanics

    • Post-It - Create 2D platforms​

    • Screw Driver - Create 2D fire

    • Teleporter - Move through 2D via 3D

    • Rain Grenade - Put out 2D fire

    • Honeypot + Bee - Distract 2D enemies

    • Magic TV - 3D Movement via 2D

  • Game Ending

One Page Designs

Design Process 

Ideate and Prototype

Validate & Iterate

Nordic Game Jam Prototype - 48 hours

A platformer where you switch between 2D and 3D in an innovative way

  • Won the 'New Perceptions' award at the game jam through audience vote

  • Feedback through comments from other jam participants across the world

  • Gameplay videos from prominent game journalist and streamer Jupiter Hadley

  • Iterated on post-it mechanic, responsiveness of controls, VR Support

VR JAM 2020 Prototype - 7 days

Rebuilt as a VR Game

Immersive 2D handed controller implementation

  • Iterated on object interactions, look and feel and additional mechanics 

SideQuest Release Candidate  - 2 months

Added Production visuals

17 levels, 3 main mechanics

  • 4.5/5 Star Rating on SideQuest VR

  • Reviews are upset that it gets over so fast

  • Real world feedback from Discord Community

  • Players filling in as bug testers and reporting edge cases to support small team

  • Iterated to improve usability, improve learning curve and expand experience

Early Access Release - 2 months

Developed into a dual PC and VR experience

30 levels, 6 main mechanics

Game narrative and ending sequence

  • Remote PC playtesting over Zoom 

  • Remote VR playtesting over Facebook Live

  • Increased audience due to PC Support

  • Qualitative interviews with players after playtesting session

  • Validated playtime of ~40 minutes 

Best Practices Identified (in retrospect)

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