TV Magic VR

Play the game within the game in this VR puzzle platformer

Key Features:

- Unique puzzles combining 2D and VR elements

- A Sandbox mode to make and play your own levels

- Feel like you're playing your NES again


TV Magic is a unique puzzle platformer where you play a gamer playing a game. Use the objects around you to interfere with the game "magically" and Get The Coin!

The game is in development and currently out on SideQuest - for the Oculus Quest and for PC VR

I was responsible for the Game Design, Level Design, and Programming for this game


TV Magic VR was initially made over a weekend as a non-VR game for the annual Nordic Game Jam (2020) won the 'New Perspectives' award.

We remade it into a VR concept during a 7 day VR game jam and have been actively developing it since

The non-VR prototype is playable here

Some love from the r/OculusQuest Community

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