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You're* - The autobiography
of a Grammar Nazi

Book Cover Design


'Grammar Nazi' is a word  thrown around often on the internet. From Reddit to Facebook, there's no lack of Grammar Nazis, people who proudly highlight grammatical mistakes in other's content. While there has never been a famous Grammar Nazi as such, the idea of creating a parody book cover seemed interesting! You're* was chosen as the title since its one of the most common mistakes made by people online


The layout for the book is based on one of the original covers of Hitler's autobiography 'Mein Kampf'. The similarity is intended to establish a connect between the mock cover and the original, to establish a satirical connect between the two Nazis



The character I chose to depict in my book cover is Hitler re-imagined as a stereotypical nerd in glasses and a hoodie. I went with a vector style of art to keep things neat and simple

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