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Hi Triband Team!

Thanks for visiting, here's a curated list of projects that I think you'd find interesting!

TV Magic VR - A unique VR/2D 'game-within-a-game' puzzle platformer where throwing things at your TV is the recommended way to play! The original concept won an award during the first online version of the annual Nordic Game Jam.
I was responsible for the game design, level design and programming 


Catch That Cat! - A 2 player board game where one player controls 3 humans and the other controls a Cat set on making their lives hell! I was responsible for all aspects of the game including design, art and play-testing

Fool Me Thrice- A social, multiplayer trivia game that fights misinformation by encouraging playing with fake news. I'm particularly proud of the keyword based assistive fake news writing mechanic used in the game, I was responsible for the Game Design, System Design and UI d​

Index-procedural generated contact tracing puzzle that creates a unique problem in each session. Its systemic nature allows the difficulty to be scaled just by varying numbers.  This was a solo project done for a Quarantine Game Jam.

More projects? You can find all of them on my homepage.


Amar Ravi


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