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Hi Kluge Interactive Team!

Thanks for visiting, here's a curated list of projects that I think you'd find interesting!

w/Paladin Studios

Nailed It! Baking Bash - A multiplayer party game where players compete with each other to make the best/funniest cakes, based on the netflix IP - Nailed it! My responsibilities included Multiplayer System Design, Prototyping and Content Design. I worked on the project from the prototype to the first phase of live operations

Wayward Shoals- A mystery adventure game where you play as a dog solving mysteries with your owner in a mini open world. I pitched the original idea and worked on the project till the publisher demo. I was the lead designer on the project in its initial phase and onboarded 2 designers onto it later, apart from it I worked on prototyping mechanics, designing and balancing missions and a "open" progression system to ensure narrative cohesion 

Personal Projects

TV Magic VR - A unique VR/2D 'game-within-a-game' puzzle platformer where throwing things at your TV is the recommended way to play! The original concept won an award during the first online version of the annual Nordic Game Jam.
I was responsible for the Game design, Level design and Programming 

More projects? You can find all of them on my homepage.


Amar Ravi


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