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Enter The Jungle

Character Design

Everyday animals re-imagined in various human roles. The quotes are meant to provide the readers a glimpse into the ways of these characters

SGT. Chic Ken turned into an anti-war activist after the harsh conditions he witnessed during his time in the armed forces. Now he uses good old-fashioned humor as a weapon against war mongers

Pachita, commonly known as Pucho,  was abandoned by his parents for being too "catty". The mean streets of New Mexico have shaped him to be one of the fiercest mercenaries in the neighborhood 

No place is safe, and its mostly thanks to people like sleazebag slithers. Neighborhood eve teaser and cat-caller with a terrible sense of humor

A degenerative disease prevented Kung Fu Kit from ever growing into a fully grown rabbit. The therapy also rendered him almost hairless, leaving only the bits which make him look as wise as he does now

Dr. Lé  Phant knew he was destined for big things, but somehow he found himself attracted to studying humans, tiny creatures who  think they are the most important beings in the universe. He has published numerous papers on human intelligence and its inadequacy.

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