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Hi EA Team!

Thanks for visiting! I played the role of the game designer in all these projects, also took up programming/artist roles as necessary.

Fool Me Thrice- A social, multiplayer trivia game that fights misinformation by encouraging playing with fake news. My major takeaways from this project was designing a system for a multiplayer game and creating a unique assisted news writing mechanic.

Domi-No! - A horizontal stacking hyper-casual game in which players make domino sculptures and watch them tumble after. Designing this hyper-casual game was a good exercise in creating a short satisfactory game loop.


The below 2 projects were made during Game Jams.


TV Magic VR - A unique VR puzzle platformer that allows you to interact with your game like never before. The original concept won an award during the first online version of the annual Nordic Game Jam

Index- A procedurally generated contact tracing puzzle that creates a unique problem in each session. Its systemic nature allows the difficulty to be scaled just by varying numbers.  


You can find other projects on my homepage. My academic projects have their process documented.


Amar Ravi

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