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Chicks With Guns

2D Platformer


Chicks with Guns is a 2D platformer/shooter which puts you in the shoes of Chick Norris, an extraordinary chicken set on gunning down everyone responsible for his wife’s murder

Platform and Engine​

The game was published for web through Flash and was programmed in ActionScript 3










Playable here apart from other online portals


The game was distributed to multiple flash game portals through and has an estimated total of 10,000 plays over the last 4 years



Chick Norris

  • Protagonist of the game

  • Retired army soldier, adept in combat

Ninja Monkeys

  • Enemies specialized in close combat


  • Most common enemy foot soldier

  • 3 variants with varying degree of strength and energy

Bloodshot Bees

  • Flying capabilities

  • Equipped with gun as well as melee capabilities


  • Boss

  • Equipped with armor as well as a weapon


The gameplay combines elements from both classic platformers and side scrolling shooters. The humor element of having cute animal characters differentiates Chicks With Guns from other platformers


The game mainly features vector artwork drawn in flash. The cute animal imagery was important in striking a balance between the tragic back story and making the game fun to play

Level Design

The Levels were designed to get progressively harder as the player progresses. New enemies are introduced as the player passes through the levels, each with their own set of attacks / behaviors

Harmful and unexpected environmental elements are also introduced to increase level difficulty

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