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Prescription Redesign


Team Members : Amar Ravi, Shravani Agarkar




Design an effective system to help patients differentiate between medications and help them take their medicines at appropriate time and frequency


•The solution should reduce the effort at the patients end in remembering/identifying their medication

•The solution should not have any language barriers

•The solution should be easy to adapt to from the existing process

•The solution should be applicable to as many medications as needed

•The solution should ideally be analog and not digital to make it more accessible

•The solution can either be implemented at a doctor-level or at the pharmacist level



The Prescription Bag
The prescription doubles as a bag for the medicines
  • There will be pre-printed colors on the prescription, the doctor would write the total number of pills in that area
  • The pharmacist will stick the corresponding colored sticker on each strip of tablets
The dosage
  • The icons on top indicate time of day
  • A filled circle means tablet should be taken after food, otherwise should be taken on an empty stomach
The Pill Calendar
  • Printed at the pharmacy for each medicine based on the frequency of medicine intake
  • Patient has to take off the stickers present on each day
  • Enables patient compliance
  • Mainly relevant for medications that are spread out over a long time
The example shown is for a tablet that's to be taken after food, hence the filled circle. If it was to be had on an empty stomach, it would have been hollow circles in green